We are born

chicks-2141568__340Hi friends, research fellows, like-minded folks and all occasional web surfers! I decided to start blogging – something that I could never imagine myself doing – for several reasons. First and foremost – since the start of my PhD the flow of information and knowledge has been so immense and literally overwhelming that I no longer feel able to keep it to myself – I urgently need somewhere to pour it off. My supervisor showed me a bunch of notebooks he has been keeping dearly since the times of his PhD and advised me to start my own, but I thought that would be way more time and effort-consuming than doing pretty much the same on the Internet, plus blogging openly would allow others see it, debate it, comment on it, use it, share it! So welcome all to my blog – it is about food and our changing relationships with it, it is about foods as edible objects as well as objects of philosophical and sociological enquiry, it is about us as responsible consumers and us as hedonic eaters, it is about our environment as what is feeding us as well as about what we are feeding back into it.

What I am going to do here:

  • Post regular blogs on what I’ve learnt, read, seen or heard – the most interesting stuff around my research goes in here!
  •  Comment on  the books I’ve read, documentaries I’ve watched  and reflect on my takeaways from those
  • Compile a list of most useful resources for those interested in the subject, including books (popular science as well as academic), scientific journals, newspaper articles, also links to movies and clips

What I hope to gain:

  • Attract and get to know  like-minded people  and researchers with  interests and projects around all aspects of  food and consumption
  • Generate discussions and debates on the subject, exchange views, share experiences, raise questions, seek answers
  •  Have a place to set my mind free and let ideas flow, reflect on what I have learnt and put it into larger context– in short, let off all the research steam!
  • Let my friends and family see what I am engaged with and why I am no longer active on Facebook!

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