Conference Alerts: Part 2

shops-1026418__340As promised, I continue the series of conference alerts for the year 2014. For me, there are two big not-to-be-missed events in the field of food studies and ethical consumption, at the intersection of which I currently find my project to be. I hope my previous post has sparked some interest in the 4th Global Conference on ethics and responsible living. The other of the two events I am continuously referring to is still a year away, and yet, preparations are in full swing and call for papers is already open! I am talking about The 4th International Conference on Food Studies, which will take place on the 20-21 October 2014 in the heart of the Tuscan province in Italy. Hosted by Monash University, the conference will focus on three major strands of themes: food production and sustainability; food, nutrition and health; food politics, policies and cultures. However, the range of subtopics under each theme is so vast that the event will surely have something to offer to anyone interested in any aspect of food studies. I take a specific interest in the third strand, under which there are such fascinating themes as global food ethics, fast food and slow food, celebrity and media chefs, and, importantly, food identity and consumer ‘taste’. Not less appetising is food “stuff” grouped around the first strand: organic foods, urban agriculture, animal welfare, GMOs, environmental sustainability, sustainable food communities, and more.

What’s so attractive about this conference is that it sets no limits to the ways and formats of knowledge sharing.  It welcomes a broad range of activities, including paper presentations, workshops, interactive sessions, posters and exhibits, colloquia and even virtual presentations for those unable to attend the event in person but still willing to make a contribution to the build-up of knowledge and expertise in the field of food studies. Detailed submission guidelines can be found here. Current submission deadline is the 3rd of December, 2013, but there will be more submission rounds during the year of 2014 and hence more opportunities to write and submit a paper proposal.

Apart from structured activities, the conference will provide plentiful opportunities for more relaxed get-togethers, such as Talking Circles and Garden Sessions, to promote less formal interactions between participants and facilitate the exchange of opinions and ideas.The conference program is not yet available, but the list of accepted proposals as well as materials from the previous year will help get a clearer idea of what the event is going to be like.

There is plenty of time to not only plan the trip, but prepare a paper to present. If such a thought excites you as much as it does excite me, visit the conferences website  for more details – take your chance to become a member of a global food knowledge community!


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