Conference Alerts: Part 3

shops-1026420__340Going at MeCCSA conference 2014 proved useful in many ways. Meeting and talking to people with similar research interests is a good way to learn all the hot news in the field – latest and planned research projects,  must-read papers and books, and, of course, forthcoming events. Likewise, I left MeCCSA having learned about several other conferences scheduled for 2014 and promising to offer an excellent speaking and presenting platform for the academics working in the areas of food studies, sociology of eating, consumer research.  I will briefly highlight the ones I haven’t covered in the previous Conference Alerts but which have now taken firm positions in my 2014 event calendar.

The nearest is the FoodScapes Conference – the one I didn’t have a chance to go to in November, 2013 and about which I have since heard so many exciting feedbacks. So I definitely want to make it there this time – once again, the gathering will take place in an impressive baroque castle in Graz, Austria, during 5-6 May 2014. It is actually a part of a larger IAS-STS (The Institute of Advanced Studies on Science, Technology and Society) conference comprising of a range of themes and a number of special sessions. Foodscapes Beyond the Alternative/Conventional Food Networks Binary is the 4th special session whose name speaks for itself – it invites research that transgresses traditional division of food networks into conventional and alternative ones and encourages opening up new theoretical perspectives on the spaces and practices of the production and consumption of food.  More details on this particular session can be found here (NB! Although it looks like the deadline has already passed, the main conference website actually invites abstracts until 31 January). It’s worth highlighting that the conference encourages submissions from graduate students and young researchers, and non-presenters are also welcome to come and benefit from discussions on some of the most exciting food matters.

The next event takes place closer to home and is organised by the British Sociological Association Food Study Group. Scheduled to take place in London on 30 June 2014, the Food and Society Conference aims to attract academics, industry people and policy makers to discuss the ways in which sociological thinking can be applied to and promote a deeper understanding of the most challenging issues in the contemporary food environment. Conference themes range from food ethics to public health and can be addressed in various formats – from paper presentation to symposia, from posters to fieldwork photographs. The submission deadline is 14 March; the conference webpage provides submission instructions along with more detailed event description.

Finally, the European Sociology Association will hold the midterm Research Network of Sociology of Consumption conference in Porto, Portugal during 3-6 September, 2014. The event has a specific focus – it seeks to explore the effects of different national and cultural contexts on the application of various research methodologies and theoretical frameworks in consumption studies. Tentative list of themes is sufficiently long, and papers addressing various aspects of the sociology of consumption are welcome. Abstracts can be submitted until 15 February – submission guidelines along with accommodation and travel suggestions can be found here. What is especially attractive about this conference is that it features a special session targeted at PhD students. It also offers an evening entertainment program and a range of social events, so there will be plenty of opportunity for less formal interactions and effective networking with conference delegates. The conference website is very informative and is the place to go for both abstract submission and registration.

This is it for now, hope this offers a useful guide to some of the events that passionate food researchers do not want to miss!


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