‘In Pictures’ series: Markthal Rotterdam

After a forced break in my blogging activity (tutors have exam stress too!), I am glad to be back, ready to explore new theories, discuss latest news, and engage in exciting discussions. Eager to make a fresh start to the new year, I was looking for some inspirational ideas for my blog and, after a brief review of all the wordy articles I published during the last year, I thought it might be a good idea to enhance it with some vivid colours and bright images. The National Research Images Competition, which challenges academics to capture the essence of their studies in a single image, became the inspiration behind the idea. Wouldn’t it be great, I thought, to present some topics entirely (or almost so) through pictures – meaningful and expressive, which would stimulate vision, incite curiosity, and provoke thinking. Thus, from now on, some picture-based posts on topics related to my research will start appearing on my blog to show what is absolutely worth seeing and illustrate what is simply beyond description.

This inaugural post is inspired by the latest episode of the BBC Food Programme which, in an attempt to uncover the past and foresee the future of food markets, paid visit to some of the most inspirational food selling spots across Europe, from Iceland to Netherlands. Following in the footsteps of the presenter, I made my own virtual tour of the sites mentioned in the programme. Out of those, I instantly chose my personal favourite – Rotterdam’s Markthal – the first indoor market in Holland that opened its doors to the visitors just in October 2014. A stunning horseshoe-shaped construction accommodating around 100 stalls with fresh produce has quickly become not just a Mecca for fresh food lovers, but also a key attraction of one of the Netherlands’ most vibrant cities. But… Let me let the pictures speak for themselves!











For those who want some more context to the pictures, the BBC Radio 4 Food Programme podcast is an excellent source.


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