behind this blog

carrot quest markThis blog is inspired by my PhD research journey into the global foodscapes. it is about food and our changing relationships with it, it is about foods as edible objects as well as objects of philosophical and sociological enquiry, it is about us as responsible consumers and us as hedonic eaters, it is about our environment as what is feeding us as well as about what we are feeding back into it. Anyone interested in the subject is welcome on my blog – feel free to read, share and comment on anything you find interesting. I would immensely appreciate involvement from researchers with  interests and projects around all aspects of  food and consumption.

TomatoMagnifyingGlass360x215On this blog you will find:

  • regular posts as a reflection of what I have been learning, reading, watching or thinking about as part of my research project and beyond it.
  • reviews of all kinds of materials I come across and find interesting – scientific and popular books (goodread will highlight them too), articles, essays, documentaries – these will be published on an ad hoc basis under the common title “Notes from the bookshelf”
  • regularly updated list of most useful resources and learning materials on various food-related subjects – I will aim to have them reviewed – even if briefly! -before they go on  the list.

quest 3You are encouraged to:

  • generate discussions and debates
  • exchange views and share experiences
  • raise questions and  seek answers

Please be polite and respectful. Everyone has a right to be wrong.


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