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Hi! Here you will find a  list of the most mouth-watering materials I’ve come across in my research – anything from academic books and peer-reviewed articles to eye-opening documentaries as well as simply good-to know-kind of stuff.  If the title is clickable it will take you to my review of that specific material – I will aim to have that for all resources listed. Hope you’ll find the section useful and make sure you come back as the page will be updated regularly.


Baggini, J. (2014). The Virtues of the Table: How to Eat and Think. Granta Books.

Barnett, C., Cloke, P., Clarke, N., & Malpass, A. (2010). Globalizing responsibility: The political rationalities of ethical consumption. John Wiley & Sons.

Beardsworth, A. and Keil, T. (1997). Sociology on the menu: An invitation to the study of food and society. London: Routledge.

Lang, T. and Heasman, M. (2004). Food Wars. The Global Battle for Mouths, Minds and Markets. London: Earthscan

Lawrence, F. (2004). Not on the Label: What Really Goes Into the Food on Your Plate. London: Penguin Books

McCracken, G. D. (1988). Culture and consumption.  Indiana University Press.

Mennell, S., Murcott, A. and van Otterloo, A. (1992).  The Sociology of Food: Eating, Diet and Culture. London: Sage

Miller, D. (1998). A theory of shopping. Cornell University Press.

Nash, R. F. (1989). The rights of nature: a history of environmental ethics. Univ of Wisconsin Press.

Nestle, M. (2002). Food Politics: How the food industry influences nutrition and health. Berkeley: University of California Press.

Pollan, M. (2006). The Omnivore’s Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals. New York: Penguin

Warde, A. (1997). Consumption, food and taste. Sage.



Consumed –

Food Inc –

No Impact Man –

Taboo Food, National Geographic Series –

Taboo Delicacies, National Geographic Series –

The World According to Monsanto  –

Lectures and Talks

Edible Education  –


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